Guy Chant

Songwriter, Singer and Producer

Described as an imaginative and perceptive songwriter Guy describes people, places and situations, real and imagined, historical and contemporary, in a thoughtful and melodic way. Many of his songs are essentially musical poems with memorable choruses frequently included.

He has been writing and playing for many years and can be heard in folk clubs and other music venues around his home area of Hampshire and sometimes further afield. He has recorded five albums of original songs in the last 10 years and has also released a double CD compilation of tracks from the first three, called Some Songs. They can all be heard on the usual streaming and download sites, or just by asking Siri or Alexa! Physical CD's can also be purchased at gigs or by emailing Guy at

He also collaborates with Richard Cox-Smith in the duo Mynott's Wing. and, with the addition of his old friend Dick Fry, in the trio; The Wandering Bilberries.